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 Fillmore Honor Band 2019

King Honor Band 2018 

King Honor Band 2019  


A Tribute to King Karl King Honor Band 2020


A Tribute to Henry Fillmore Honor Band 2020

Due to the number of students that auditioned last year, we will be creating 2 bands again this year 

Grades 6, 7, 8 and 9


Kevin A. Mayse, conductor

Application will be available soon

Please do not mail this application.

Please return it via email - 

Application deadline

Wednesday April 29

Audition date

Sunday May 3 (1pm – 2:30pm)


Saturday May 16 (10am – 5pm)

Sunday May 17 (12:00pm -1:30pm or 4pm - 5:30pm) 


Sunday May 17

2pm or 6pm

All events are now being hosted at the

RCC Henry W Coil Sr and Alice Edna Coil

School for the Arts

3890 University Ave  Riverside, CA 92501

All students should be prepared to play major scales
up to 2 flats and 2 sharps (written pitch not concert pitch) and a chromatic scale.
Each student should also prepare the short etude and excerpts for their individual instrument provided below.


If the student is selected for participation, they will be expected to attend every rehearsal.

They will also be asked to bring a check for $30.00
Please make checks payable to:
RCC Wind Ensemble Trust 
This fee will include all costs including, lunch on the 18th.